Month: May 2015

Junkopia (Short Film, Chris Marker)

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In an open field, bordered by busy highways and bodies of water, were set what could’ve been installation art pieces. Planes. Birds. Dinosaurs made from angular careless composition of wood and scraps of metal, plastic, paper, cans and what-have-you’s, they projected, propelled and intensified by ambient sounds (techno hum and breaking bottles), a landscape of voodoo and zoology, especially with the existence of many eyes. But the thing is not many seemed to be checking them out, and those items must have stayed there, survivors of harsh natural elements we could only imagine simply by inspecting their textures, the scraps and pieces of cloth and light materials moving, blown by the wind, versus those stuck, buried feet and glued bodies on land. It also evoked a pre-destiny to decrepitude, like the seeming grim fate of our poor, marginalized brothers who scrounged and found sources of survival lying in mountains of waste, of those deformed and ‘strange’ individuals who needed to beg for our care, attention, and respect. Good thing we have revolutionaries on art and politics like Chris whose works continue to alert us on important things which we tend to fail to notice, or deliberately disregard, being vain, deluged by our feelings of superiority and self-importance.